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Kind words from our clients

Working with Jordan Harcourt-Hughes cannot really be considered “work” – it is far too enjoyable and fulfilling an experience, especially for people who want to publish a book but have no experience in that area. 

Jordan’s skill set is comprehensive – she is professional, efficient and creative with wide experience in the publishing field that she is happy to share.  She also has the happy knack of navigating those stormy waters of differing personal opinions with diplomacy, sensitivity and tact ensuring that everyone involved in the project is happy with the fabulous end product.

Margaret Byrne, Editorial Committee, Giant Steps 20 Year Anniversary Book

Giant Steps

Our publishing imprints

As well as offering Communications services to our clients, Digital Jazz is also a custom publisher and we have a number of imprints, including fiction, business and self-led learning.

Our 2017-18 Publishing Program includes:

Giant Steps: 21 Year Anniversary Celebration: Astonish Publishing

168 Days of Magic creative publishing course: New Cave Woman

Bitroux Book 2 by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes: The Eighth Wave (early 2018)

Labyrinths for Life: 365 Labyrinths in 365 Days by Dr Margaret Rainbird: New Cave Woman

About our imprints

New Cave Woman: Do you love to learn? Are you always looking to expand your understanding of the universe, knowledge of self and your capacity to be purposeful with your time and energy? Our New Cave Woman learning and evolution imprint publishes a range of online learning courses focused on creativity and life visioning to help you get the most out of your life.

The Eighth Wave: Fans of sci fi, fantasy and speculative fiction: this imprint is for you. Digital Jazz publishes the Bitroux books under this imprint – Book 2 coming soon!

Astonish Publishing is our imprint for businesses and organisations. We create impactful brand story platforms for on the move organisations looking to showcase their work and share their vision.

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