Digital Jazz Communications –  Personal Branding Photography for Dr Margaret Rainbird

About Dr  Rainbird: Labyrinth Facilitator

Up until recently, Dr Rainbird was a palliative care doctor, who has spent 30 years studying medical disciplines and other healing modalities. She continues in her work as a mindfulness teacher, mentor and workshop facilitator.

The Labyrinths for Life 2017 World Tour

While experiencing a particularly depleted and despairing time in her life, Dr Rainbird found that walking the labyrinth was one of the things that kept her going. This made her committed to bringing this winding and mysterious path to other people enduring similar stresses and challenges.

In 2017 Dr Rainbird will begin her 365 Labyrinths world tour, which will see her visit, walk or experience one labyrinth a day for 365 days. She will be running labyrinth workshops or facilitated walks as part of her tour.

As part of her pilgrimage she will be travelling to the USA, UK and Europe to visit, document and explore labyrinths that have already been built in healing environments. She aims to bring back from her tour key insights and strategies for incorporating labyrinths in to healing gardens in the grounds of health care facilities, retreat centres and public spaces.

Dr Rainbird comissioned Digital Jazz Communications to create a personal brand image library to support a range of communication initiatives already underway, also with Digital Jazz. The below images are some of Dr Rainbird’s new images.


Personal branding photography

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