Thanks for visiting. I started Digital Jazz in 2013 because for the longest time, I had two separate passions, and literally two separate careers. My first and foremost career has been my writing career. I studied journalism and worked in publication management early on in my professional journey. More recently I’ve been a part of the indie publishing scene here in Sydney.

My other career has been in design and design management. I’ve worked independently and as a consultant for segments of my career and have also been proud to lead high performing creative teams where I’ve learned  a lot both from the creatives who have worked for me and the  great organisations, companies and teams who have engaged me.

In the last few years the world of content and digital publishing has brought storytelling to a whole new frontier. I realized that I didn’t need to keep my two careers separate any longer, in fact I was ideally placed to offer services based on my combined passions and skill sets.

I believe that storytelling is good for the soul and essential for us as an evolving human race to better understand ourselves and our possible futures. I’m convinced that it has a firm place in the disciplines of organizational and corporate communications; to help us grow, reflect and contribute our best work to the world.

Digital Jazz offers design, content and publishing solutions –  from book covers to magazine layouts, editorial profiles, content for websites and stories for communications channels. We help organisations communicate better. We help authors publish and build their digital presence. And we help all kinds of people connect with the power of story and creativity though our online courses.

Can we help you tell your story? I hope so.

Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

Author. Artist. Designer. Communicator.